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4 Reasons why you should have Boxybite Junk-Free Snacks in your Office!


1 Snacks are an quintessential part of work places

Be it over long meetings or to satisfy those odd hour cravings. We all need snacks. So, why eat those junky snacks when you have a better healthier option. Your employees will love you more if you offer them these; rather than highly processed, too sugary and fatty stuff.

2 We have made snacking even more rewarding

Boxybite range of curated snacks provide you nutrition which gets missed in the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Our snacks also complement your main meals as we offer a variety of high protein, low calories, high fiber snacks which can help you achieve your health goals; while you are still at work.


3 Not just snacks but healthy activities comes free with the package

Premium subscriptions gives you complementary session of wellness activity like: food planning, functional training, yoga or meditation. So that we can contribute a bit to make your work place more stress free, healthy and fun.

4 Makes your job hassle-free and exciting!

We offer over 100+ healthy snacks to choose from so that the work place manager doesn't have to deal with 100s of suppliers. Every month we add on new snacks so that the excitement of snacking never fades away.


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